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                      Minoru Kumagai
Traditional Japanese designs have evolved over numerous genelations, have endured
the criticism of many, and have been refined into ideals of genuine beauty.
I personally don't pursue design for the sake of history or uniqueness.
I strive to discover the global "freshness" of our own age, while fully exploting
the brilliance and genuine beauty of the past. I believe our epoch compels us to see
beyond beauty and convenience in objects to refect more fundamentally
on the enrichment of the human spirit.
Since my goal is to create designs which  enrich rhe spirit,I work from my heart.




Home Decor Exhibition shenzhen hometex 2011


Home textile inter-tex China exhibition


Saihakuga exhibition in ROYAL OAK HOTEL(Shiga)


Collaboration with the flute


Kumagai work exhibition in Maibara


45th Anniversary Kumagai

2002 Japanese designer association 130 times Creation-Design- Synthesis-Exhibition
Minister of International Trade and Industry prize The Kyoto textiles wholesale dealer business union prize Award
1998 The Kyoto governor commendation (Japanese designer association many-years executive service)
1994 China, the Beijing "Dawn exhibition of Heisei culture"
Gold and Bronze prize.
1993 Delta lobby wall painting design construction
1992 Japanese Kimono Uchikake brand  "MINORU KUMAGAI" Announcement
1991 "Minoru Kumagai" Brand bridal dress announcement.
Establishment of DS. COSMO Inc.
1990 Beggning of partnership with Y&Y Cosmo International Inc of New York.
Noh clothes announcement at "The flower and a green EXPO"
"Kyoto Sensu-Uchiwa industrial association" support fan "Cosmo fan" announcement.
1988 The East Germany LOSTOF art museum Work exhibition donation
1987 Participation in Olympia  Home Interior Exhibition,
Cosmo group organize.
Cosmo group The first exhibition holding.
1986 Participation in Surtex Design Exhibition, New York.
"World of Kumagai Minoru" private exhibition Holding
It is an interior design synthesis work in Cosmo gallery..
1985 Participation in Paritex Trade Fair Design Exhibition,
Start of five-year contact for design and production of
stage and costume and stage direction of 'Muso-Noh
at Tenryuji Temple, Sagano, Kyoto
1984 Participation in interstoff Trade Fair Design Exhibition,
Frankfult, Germany
Recipient of Gold and Silver Medals at C.C.C Japanese
Wall Decoration Design Exhibition, New York
1983 Japanese clothes total goods original brand "COSMO Kimono boutique"
Product development announcement
1982 Participation in Heimtextil Trade Fair Design Exhibition,
Frankfult, Germany, as first ever Japan representative
Recipient of Tokyo Metropolitan Governor's Gold Medal
at Associate Member Exhibition of Japan Designers Association
South Korea-Japan culturalexchanges design exhibition.
1981 Participation in indigo Design Exhibition, Life, France,
as first ever Japan representative.
Henceforth, every year participation
Total small articles for kimono "Kumagai Minoru brand" announcement.
1980 Total textile design station "Cosmo Kumagai" Corporation establishment
"Neo leaf" interior design art exhibition Holding inGallery Sun.
Exhibition of products at Nulhouse Art Gallery, France
(sponsored by Japan Designers Association)
Recipient of Kyoto Prefectural Governor's Gold Medal
at Associate Member Exhibition of Japan Designers Association.
The first design exhibition of COSMO.
1979 Long-sleeved kimono original brand "MAKISHIMU" Announcement
1978 Nishijin-Textile original brand of necktie "Gin warp" Announcement
1976 The Kyoto design association Admission.
Formal dress & kimono original brand "KISSHO" Announcement
1975 Japanese design culture association Admission
1973 Joint-show with Kyoto dress-designer association.
Talk with Mr. Issei Miyake about Kyoto-print.
1972 Joint original product development with Calligrapher
Misa Mochizuki.
1970 Group G organize.
The first design exhibition, in Kyoto International Conference Hall.
1968 Establishment of Studio Kumagai;  membership of
Japan Designers Association
1959 Kyoto Municipal Art School (Hiyoshigaoka Art School)
Mr. Taikoh Hayashi (Japan designer association superintendent) Studying under its teacher.
1941 Born in Kyoto.
Present Japanese designer association Member
Kyoto design association Member
Japanese textile design association Member

Incorporated company DS COSMO
COSMO KUMAGAI International Representation control
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